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  3. Volunteer
  4. Recommendations

Work Experience


Solutions Engineer
August 2017 - Present | San Francisco, CA

I help the sales department facilitate pre-sales and strengthen post-sales to drive new business and upsell existing clients. I am responsible for architecting scalable implementation plans and continuing support in post-sales with enterprise clients.

  • Saw the conversion of two of the largest ten enterprise deals of Q4, 2017.
  • Presenting technical presentations at events like AWS Re:Invent.
  • Contacted OWASP leadership to present DevOps security event at Cloudflare.
  • Help customer success managers, account executives, and business development representatives with sales enablement.
  • Facilitating case studies for high visibility clients like PF Changs.
  • Working as the subject matter expert for two high visibility Cloudflare products, Stream and Argo Tunnel.
    • Helped facilitate customer feedback to product and engineering.
    • Generated customer facing documentation.
    • Created training for the sales department.
Primary tools used: dig, curl, NGINX, LUA, clickhouse/tabix, git, Linux, Javascript

Distil Networks

IT Security Analyst, Professional Services
July 2016 - July 2017 | San Francisco, CA

I joined Distil in order to help create and flesh out the US based professional services team. Professional services had two primary roles: to work directly with enterprise clients and to detect and act on advanced malicious bots.

My work revolved primarily around analyzing bots that had bypassed the platform and creating executive reports to explain complex technical concepts in an easy to understand format.

  • Worked directly with seven enterprise accounts. Provided services for other clients that were not part of professional services for upsell opportunities. Successfully saw the conversion of two client trials to full paying professional services accounts. Highest amount of clients and successful account upgrades for the professional services team at the time.
  • Discovered and responsibly disclosed PCI compliance issue with prominent ecommerce site. Presented findings, incident report, and fix to C-level executives.
  • Created an estimated thirty five reports which I directly presented to clients. Completed one client onsite. Automated processes for report generation which led to an average of six man hours to create a report, down from eleven.
  • Lead technical role for marketing Cyber Monday report. Participated as a technical role for Distil yearly white paper report.
  • Documented processes and created training using Git, JIRA, and Confluence.
Primary tools used: NGINX, LUA, Burp Suite, Tableau, Excel, Hadoop (Impala, Hue, SQL), curl, web development tools, wireshark/TCPDump

Mellon Capital Management

Helpdesk, Tier 1
August 2015 - July 2016 | San Francisco, CA

I worked directly with C-Level executives and various business units in order to provide excellent support and ensure the work environment was not impeded by technical issues.

  • Created 124 new process documents and ported existing knowledge base.
  • Identified and resolved issue with NIC driver that caused malformed packets.
  • Worked with Sysadmins in order to rerack servers in datacenter.
  • Discovered old versions of Symantec Endpoint protection which caused issues with domain controller authentication.
  • Resolved issue with print server integration during Citrix XenApp 5 migration.

Big Dog Computing

IT Intern, MSP
July 2014 - February 2015 | Concord, CA

I offered oncall and onsite technical support for clients. I also was responsible for supporting other onsite technicians.

  • Implemented inventory organization and reordering system.
  • Performed onsite system repairs and installs.
  • Provided speedy and professional email support.
  • Worked with Acronis to image systems to customer standards.



  • ISC2 - Associate of ISC2 [2016]
  • CompTIA - Security+ [2015]
  • Microsoft - Security Fundamentals [2015]


  • CompTIA - Network+ [2015]
  • Microsoft - Networking Fundamentals [2015]


  • CompTIA - A+ [2017]
  • LPI - Linux Essentials [2018]


Halberstadt Fencers’ Club

Kathy Krusen

Halberstadt Fencers’ Club

Kathy Krusen

Have you ever had the kind of problem that is so out of left field that it seems like it must be a joke? Well, when the website of the fencing club I coach at was hit by a hacker, and not just hacked to advertise Viagra, but held for bitcoin ransom… with flashing screen and bold demanding fonts… I just really couldn’t take it in right away.

We had just spent way too long and way too much money to have the website rebuilt from scratch and in it’s first few months online this happens! I am a novice in these matters and was trying to get my bearings by talking to anyone who would listen about the situation. That’s when Colin (who was taking one of our fencing classes at the time) calmly said, “I think I might be able to help you with that.” Modesty, I like that in a person! Not only did he manage to help me shut down the old website and get a copy of our old data for me, but he gave me invaluable information on how to proceed with a new website.

There were words used: “migration”, “webhosting”, “domain name”, “security certificate”, that I still cannot put in a useful sentence but Colin gave me enough information and confidence to proceed with the project. While he did all of the heavy lifting, he allowed me to follow along with the process and was able to keep me from going completely glassy-eyed when he explained things. For someone like me (who needs to use and understand and update the website, but cannot begin to understand how it all really works) Colin was perfect. He could talk to me like I wasn’t an idiot, listen to me and understand what I wanted, and then do a kind of wizarding thing when he went onto his computer!

I have told him many times already, but I now say it to all who read this, “Thank you, Colin. You stepped in and helped, being generous with your time and skill, and I owe you a debt of gratitude.”


  1. Distil Networks
  2. Mellon Capital Management
  3. Big Dog Computing

Distil Networks

Kamilla Csonka

Kamilla Csonka
Senior IT Security Analyst, Professional Services

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Colin. I had the pleasure of working alongside him for the past year at Distil Networks as IT Security Analysts for Professional Services. Colin was a corner stone of the analyst team and contributed tremendously by establishing processes and a genuine team-feeling. Even with time-zone differences, Colin’s presence was always felt and appreciated. He is a fast learner and will go “above and beyond” to deliver results. I hope I will get the chance to work Colin in the future.

Cristian Mariolini

Cristian Mariolini
Senior IT Security Analyst, Professional Services

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Colin at Distil Networks, and he is one of the most talented guy I’ve met during my career.

He masters things in a matter of days and he’s a GREAT team player.

Tiffany Nguyen

Tiffany Nguyen
IT Security Analyst, Professional Services

Colin is an amazing team player and powerhouse employee. He impressed me with his initiative to improve upon internal processes. He invested time into learning tools on behalf of the team which would later be integrated to speed workflow.

Colin also made a stamp in the company as he contributed to multiple cross-team internal projects. Though always with a full plate, Colin was able to juggle his work while also lending time to give a helping hand. He is an asset to any team.

Vinay Rao

Vinay Rao
IT Security Analyst, Professional Services

Colin provided great leadership and inspiration when helping grow the professional services team. He was a problem solver and led the team by example.

I think his interpersonal skills will lead him far in his career. I would highly recommend Colin in a managerial position.

Christian Dehoyos

Christian Dehoyos
Web Application Security Consultant

I worked with Colin at Distil and I was always impressed by his desire to learn and passion for tech. He would take the initiative on projects and continuously trained the company.

Given the opportunity, I believe that Colin would be excellent in a leadership position. His compassion and soft skills are bar none. I would gladly work with Colin again and highly recommend him.

William Cox

William Cox
Lead Data Scientist

I worked with Colin at Distil Networks and enjoyed all my interactions. I watched him come in as a new employee and immediately begin learning and asking questions.

He took initiative to help others and document his findings. Even when presented with particularly unpleasant work he maintained a good attitude and triumphed through.

He was a pleasure to work with and would be a great asset to any team.

Thomas Lim

Brenton Mallen
Data Scientist

Colin’s enthusiasm and optimism is infectious.

His eagerness to learn new things and tackle challenges makes him an asset to any team that’s fortunate to have him.

Thomas Lim

Thomas Lim
Account Executive

Colin lead our security analyst group here at Distil. In our time together, we worked closely on key named accounts where Colin led analyst working sessions with our top tier clients. He was a huge asset to our team and our success. Happy to recommend Colin for his technical expertise.

Mellon Capital Management

Nick Fohl

Nick Fohl
Chief Administrative Officer

I would like to take a moment here to provide a recommendation for Colin Murray. Colin worked in our organization in the desktop support area for a little less than a year – but he had a tremendously positive impact during his time here as a consultant. He interacted in a regular basis with our business users on the phone, via email and in person. The user community at our organization is diverse – ranging from math oriented PhDs who design and maintain our money management computer models, to portfolio managers, stock & bond traders on the trading desk and to the marketing department and client service groups. He provided VIP white glove service to our CEO and the rest of the C-suite executive team. Universally, the feedback from these communities (especially the C-suite) has been positive and complimentary. This takes a combination of both technical and interpersonal skills – something Colin has in spades!

Outside of the excellent work he has done helping our groups with the day to day setup/add/change/delete of services and equipment, he has done a tremendous job behind the scenes within our Technology group. He proactively updated and organized a large majority of his group’s documentation and procedures with a significant amount of high quality and updated information. This is tremendously beneficial for us and is indicative of his personal energy, enthusiasm and self-starting nature

Colin is proactive, highly energetic, intelligent and skilled. He has fantastic people skills and communication skills that I think will stand him in excellent stead as he moves forward with his career. His next career step is moving into a full time role that is very exciting and I wish him all the best. I regret that my organization does not have a role that is the right fit for him on his next step of his career journey. Would I hire him if given the opportunity in the future? I absolutely would – without reservation. I feel comfortable recommending him wholeheartedly to you.

Big Dog Computing

Jeremy Rector

Jeremy Rector
CEO and Founder of Big Dog Computing

Colin Murray worked for Big Dog Computing Inc. for 6 months as a junior PC technician. His duties included PC setup, troubleshooting, and inventory management.

Colin reported primarily to the senior technician, and regularly performed additional tasks under the office manager’s direction.

Colin is a bright and personable young man. He is highly motivated and eager to take on new tasks. Colin learns quickly and was able to take on more complex tasks and troubleshooting problem as his experience grew. He has solid organizational skills, and was able organize our inventory, and put in place a manageable reordering system.

I always found Colin to be welcoming of new responsibilities, and believe that he will be an asset to any company that hires him.